This shop each anteroom like goes home the design, has likely family's feeling to the passenger, moreover each room all has the government qualified business license, and the safe stipulation and the fire prevention escape the equipment, all equipments all use the fire protection equipment,If association organ school travel agency needBusiness license proofAndFire proofPlease come the electricity we to be able the facsimile to give the expensive unit immediately
This hotel has two in Kending if if you see the mountain village perhaps the hotel all are only are this hotel which manages by a boss repair this year open a website in addition, the great wild goose guest hotel is locatedKending lively night marketOn the street we have the parking lot convenient passenger to stop, eat. Drinking. The amusement is all convenient, as soon as because our shop went out is the night market

This hall is suitable the national to travel the card, is the government worker most loves, the small advantage has the convenience to take vacation the hotel hotel people to sleep, is located on the Kending avenue, brushes the card, important is the country travel card renders an account suitably

This mountain village (hotel) Lou Yi rents to Miss Wang when clothing shop front But in building hotel. The hotel aspect is not affected in 24 hours business

This hotel. A mountain village building rents for the clothing shop. Subscribes the room passenger please to enter the housing registration by the clothing shop front

This hotel. The mountain village 24 hour open turnover , evening and does not have the entrance guard, may by the front door or the side gate turnover

The special private car airport high-valence iron train station sends and picks up Provides this hall visitor Gaoxiong to pay expenses sends and picks up, may save 1 hour time Must shift to an earlier time the appointment 350-300 (continual holiday counts in addition) or inquires by telegram asked

This hotel issues after due investigation the hotel business certificate through the Bingdong County government sightseeing class--And helps the visitor to take out insurance the safe insurance--Bingdong County government sightseeing class legitimate name list


This shop anteroomStarry sky colored drawing on potteryOnly then the night only then looks, 1F which arrives sets up as an attachmentDehydrator . Dryer. Broadband surferAndSpecial parking lot(24 hours have manager)

Ordinary day Same preferential price, on Monday to Sunday house price preferential benefit 2 human of room $800 4 people $1200, 6 people $1500, 8 people $2000 (holiday. Summer vacation and the continual holiday is not suitable), This hall all is the brand-new anteroom


Welcome various associations. School. The institution subscribes the room Please come the electricity inquiry 088862-077

This hall always holds the population to measure 96, in May, in June, in July, in August---On SaturdayThis hotel is sameDoes not consult with the sightseeing bus.


This hotel charge d'affaires any activity like Aquatic activity, shore fishing. The ship fishes. The campfire party, the steam engine turns out rents and so on…

Welcome everybody to come the electricity, This shop talk-back
Subscribes the room special line one: (08)8862-077

F A X : (08) 8862-056 (In front of the facsimile please first come the electricity)

If nobody answering or busy time please dial088861799Thanks
This shop address is as follows:
In Pingdong County temperate town KendingKending road 130
Subscribes the room please first to remit money only then may retain the room name of head of household: Liu Zhengguo Bank code number: 007 account numbers: 753-10-039029


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Kending rare zoology and botany: The palm-crab, the wave spotted crab, the sika, the fluorescence mushroom (rainy season only then has), the firefly (spring only then has), the stupid stupid crab, the god of thunder fart, the rain comes the mushroom, the siliquose pelvetia,

Hotel qualified marker and Republic of China hotel commercial trade association nation federation marker

Pingdong County temperate town Kending road 130
TEL: 886-8-8861003/FAX: 886-8-8862056
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