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Public organization Hospital Kending Hospital Pharmacy
Kending Country park Administrative office:8861321-6

Dragon pit control station:8851322

Sand island exhibition hall:8851675

Maobaitou park:8867520

Dapeng country scenic spot:8338100

Goose luan nose parking lot:8851101

Behind lake tourist center:8866845

Kending pasture: (08)886-1358

Deep pool sub-bay tourist center:8861546
Society goes against the park tourist center:8861821
Kending country park platoon:8861331-2
Kending Local police station:8861039

The sea lives the hall:08-8825678

Temperate hospital8892704
Christianity hospital8892293
Nanmen Hospital:8894568
Temperate Chinese medicine clinic:8890147

Peony village clinic:8830326

Peony village clinic:8831505

In big light clinic:8866001

Rising sun sea clinic:8830327

Vehicle city clinic:8824282


The Kending medical center (is located lucky China):8861873

(Kending medical center is located the lucky China south side)
Along is popular the pharmacy:


Various scenic spots ticket price Various parking lots ticket price Kending fishing spot

Fishes cancels ties up the law

The caret-shaped link ties up the law

Kending shore fishing. The ship fishes. Fishing spots and so on Lu Ya

Railroad. Passenger transportation Aviation Meteorology
The Taiwan iron makes a reservation:0800-080-412

Strives to improve and ju the light timetable Gaoxiong to fang Laos

fang strives to improve and ju the light timetable Laos to Gaoxiong

South central passenger transportation: 08) 889-4916

Bingdong passenger transportation:0800723723

Taiwan steam: 07-2352616

The far east aviation subscribes the position center:07-3371388

The Chinese letter aviation subscribes the position center: 02-2717-1230

The revival aviation subscribes the position center: 02-29724599

Sets up the glory aviation to subscribe the position center: (07)791-1000

Yi Feiwang: 02-81712913

Kending tide table

Kending tide table

Kending immediate meteorology

Central Weather Bureau

Kending sunrise. Sunset. TideTable




Gas station Kending cash machine service Automobile. The locomotive tows hangs the service

Temperate:8892635 ( 07:0021:00
8861408 ( 07:0021:00
Man Zhou:
8801713 ( 07:0021:00
8898155 (Privately operated)(24H)
South forest:888 (Privately operated)(24H)


(MacDonald next door)Kending post office
In Caesar hotel
(Post office)
In European gram mountain village (Post office)

Lucky China Hotel(Nearby water world)(First bank)
Temperate peasant association Kending Branch (Peasant association)
Family of in front of the person of refined tastes (First bank)
Goose luan nose park opposite (Post office)
Each7-11.gif (343 bytes)The retail sales all have the cash machine

Qingtian repairs a vehicle the factory:8892562
The fine male service tows hangs:8895052
Constructs the mountain service to tow hangs:8891606

Constructs the Sichuan automobile repair and maintenance:8891541
The temperate lock is printed and published by:8891199
Permanent German automobile maintenance park: 8892653

Great profit automobile maintenance park: 8897952

Automobile service: 8896398

Automobile service: 8896356

Automobile service field: 8892338

Automobile service: 8897898

Automobile service: 8897952

Good good opportunity car dealership: 8891103

Loyal bright motor supply shop: 8892426

Enters the glory motor supply shop: 8892739

Along valuable motor supply shop: 8894808

New permanent lucky motor supply shop: 8892393

Locomotive entire province haulage 077925137,077925139

Kending shopping aspect

Kending belongs to the tropics marine climate, thing base Ukraine which the business trades is commodities and so on sea clothing and Thai Indonesia, because the climate is same with Thai and the Philippines, therefore you also did not need to go abroad may purchase the Indonesian aspect the thing, the Kending shop owner did not use mostly brushes the card, therefore the suggestion all brought a pocket money to prepare the emergency requirement also to have Kending to be unable to exchange the dollar and so on the foreign moneys, as soon as the cash machine arrived the holiday to raise nearly leads one spatially, suggested multi-belt some cashes quite were safe, if you did not think the large package packet came Kending, suggested you only brought the next to the skin thing, other purchased to Kending then.

The cake shop (asks cake shop to send out must pay own expenses transport expense)

Not two: 088899525

Kending star Barke Kending retail sales
Pingdong County temperate town Kending road 14
(Original unification sea world)

Kending travels the suggestion item and supplies for oneself the thing Carryhome thing reference passport. Airplane ticket. Name card. Safe card. Urgent contact person. Traveling traveling schedule handbook. Baggage check, badge. Credit card. Foreign currency petty cash.
Traller's check. Dollar. Memorandum. Toilet articles. Underpants. Sock. Cosmetics. Protection against the cold maintenance frost. Sun block lotion. Protects the lipstick. Sends combs.
Oil discharge. Air blower. Razor. Sola topi. Folding umbrella. Sunglasses. Swim suit. Slipper. Fruit knife. Computer. Photographic camera. Negative.
Battery. Emergency drugs. Between-meal snack. Soaks the surface. T Pitying. Short. Shirt. Athletic shoes. Leisure clothing. Facile jacket. Woolen sweater-vest. Glove.
Scarf. Hat. Long sleeve woolen sweater. Wool shirt. Protection against the cold knit cotton underwear. Protection against the cold coat. Feather woolen sweater. Thick Mao Wa. Snow shoes. Slightly sets at the bag along with .....And so on.


Kending weather Condition

The Kending four seasons are distinct, moreover has its characteristic respectively, needs the attire ∼

  Spring (3-5): The attire only needs the light pack, thin T-shirt and thin coat.

  Summer (6-8): Short sleeve T-shirt, very hot

  Autumn (9-11): Is similar with the spring, the temperature difference is day and night big

  Winter (12-2): Because of northeast monsoon relations, wind greatly a little biting cold glove. Scarf. Hat…Protection against the cold clothing
Should carry.

 Entire Taiwan each place night market

The good station newspaper newspaper friend station links

Buys the fish to buy the supermarket which the meat does grocery shopping

Big port supermarket

Temperate peasant association

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Pingdong County temperate town Kending road 130
TEL: 886-8-8861003/FAX: 886-8-8862056
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