Returns to the home page 6.7 months the house price please come the electricity to subscribe the room on Saturday to inquire, 088862077,Stays + four is equal to + vehicle race + breakfast each human of 757 Yuan (four people to travel together)

Holds the traveling card either you wants to brush the card or wants the network to subscribe the room, did not must deceive, came this to be right, this on-line subscribed the room not to need to pull out again by the travel agency, because this system independently designed by this hall, cheap might brush the card the lodgings, the quality has the safeguard, the travel agency do not gain one again On-line subscribes the room according to this

Kending Extra! Extra! Kending summer vacation stays very cheaply oh inquires according to here----> Special caseOn-line orderEntry

Other ticket volume order please press here Kending sea land activity House price inquiry Subscribes the room notice Room picture Traveling information On-line subscribes the room and the house price inquiry

The special private car airport high-valence iron train station sends and picks up Provides this hall visitor Gaoxiong to pay expenses sends and picks up, may save 1 hour time Must shift to an earlier time the appointment 350-300 (continual holiday counts in addition) or inquires by telegram asked
This special case is not suitable the summer vacation
Kending spring big broadcast special case activity
This special case is suitable summer vacation period Sunday to Friday

Who said summer vacation very expensive, I am must be cheap



So long as ordinary day each person 222,No matter the traveling card the holiday either the continual holiday or the ordinary day all may render an account the dowel pinOr downloading series printing According to this downloading,

Sunday to Friday Has the preferential price equallyPlease come the electricity appointment to subscribe the room 08-88620770910857053Mr. LiuOr on-line subscribes the room according to my The above stays contains the lodgings insurance

This hotel issues after due investigation the hotel business certificate through the Bingdong County government sightseeing class--And helps the visitor to take out insurance the safe insurance--Bingdong County government sightseeing class legitimate name list

First bank temperate branch, bank code number 007, account number 75310039029, name of head of household: Liu Zhengguo


Pingdong County temperate town Kending road 130
TEL: 886-8-8862077, 088861799/ FAX: 886-8-8862056
Kending great wild goose guest hotel (mountain village)---On-line subscribes the room system
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